Jesus, family, church, design. These are the things that matter to me.


I love Jesus, my family, the Church, and making things that look good. I am also a musician and a Pastor. I have been leading in churches in Florida since I was in high school(which is longer ago than I'd like to think). Over the last decade or so, I have graduated from Trinity College of Florida, moved to Orlando, and served in three churches. I have Pastored people as they learn to become more and more like Jesus. I have helped churches by leading from the platform on Sunday mornings as a Pastor. I have also helped several churches, non-profits, and other clients to create branding and graphics that take their event, brand, or idea to the next level.

I have also had the joy and privilege of becoming "daddy" to a few kids who needed one. My wife Amy and I love what becoming Foster Parents has brought into our lives. Beauty, love, pain, and loss are all a part of foster care, and we wouldn't trade any of the experiences we have had for anything.

I know that in all of these experiences, I have learned to follow Jesus more closely than ever. Jesus is where my deepest joy is found.

I have the great priviledge of currently serving as the Lead Pastor of Lansdowne Alliance Church near Baltimore, MD.